Our focus, in detail, of our new collection; 12 fresh floral designed ANIMALS, is like no other. A variety of colour and choice. Unique and awesome. All nature, one of a kind.

Give back to nature, with a reduction of unnecessary waste; and reintroduce yourself to a better environment where flowers disintegrate. Before they return to mother nature; fresh flowers are, and have long been, interior and exterior d├ęcor.

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Our Designed Weddings 2015 to 2016

                                                                                                                        AND FEATURING 

                                                                                                                          GOOD CHEER


  GOOD CHEER ANIMALS designed in bright carnations, sunflowers, spider mums and anthuriums

                                                               MORE good cheer IN OUR CATALOGUE

                 Santa's Snowman                                 Spider Monkey                                  Barrus the Elephant                                 Buddy Bullfrog

 NOW AVAILABLE IN ARTIFICIAL        NOW AVAILABLE IN ARTIFICIAL        NOW AVAILABLE IN ARTIFICIAL       NOW AVAILABLE IN ARTIFICIAL                         SILK FLOWERS                                       SILK FLOWERS                                      SILK FLOWERS                                      SILK FLOWERS                                                 $38.00                                                      $53.00                                                     $53.00                                                     $43.00